Ticket to walk around at Gandhi Park


Gandhi Park will now have a ticket counter for the entrance purpose. However, the passes will be issued to those who go on a daily trip.

Under the Amrit Yojna Phase II, beautification of Gandhi Park (Dehradun) is underway. The work of beautification of Gandhi Park is being done with a sum of 1.5 crore rupees. Beautification is likely to be completed within the next six months. Open gym, jogging track, ticket booth, fountain, etc. are to be made in the park. What is the amount of the ticket? This will be determined later. According to the Nodal Officer of the Amrit scheme, Ashish Kathait, the beautification of the park will be completed within the next six months. The money coming from the ticket will be spent on the arrangements of the park.

A large number of people come to Gandhi Park for a walk. Looking at it, jogging track, musical fountain, open gym, etc. is to be made here. To keep the arrangements of the park better, for those who come for a walk, a lesser amount for the ticket will be kept. The park will be cleaned and manned from this amount. Read more posts…


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