Three-tier panchayat elections: Pradhan ji will walk alone in villages

Despite the completion of the three-tier panchayat elections in the remaining 12 districts of the state, except Haridwar, a strange situation has arisen in all the gram panchayats. In fact, out of 55772 posts of Gram Panchayat members in the village panchayats, only 24909 elections have been held. Quorum is not being fulfilled in a large number of gram panchayats due to remaining vacant posts. According to the Panchayati Raj Act, the constitution of a panchayat is required to be two-thirds of the members. In such a situation, newly elected village heads will have to wait until the election of members. According to Additional Secretary Panchayati Raj HC Semwal, only after getting the details of the elected representatives from the State Election Commission will the true picture of such gram panchayats be revealed.

In the elections held for 7485 posts of village heads in 12 districts of the state, 1514 heads were elected unopposed, while elections were held for 5847 posts. These posts are vacant due to no nomination for 124 village heads. Out of the total 7361 elected village heads, there is a large number who will have to wait for the formation of the gram panchayat. In fact, 30663 posts of Gram Panchayat members are vacant. In a large number of gram panchayats, only one or two members have been elected, due to which quorum is not being fulfilled there. In such a situation, Gram Panchayat will not be formed there. Only after the election of Gram Panchayat members will the Panchayats be formed there.

The Panchayati Raj department has now started exercising on such gram panchayats. Reservation may change in the posts of Gram Panchayat members in the Gram Panchayats. The Act provides that if no candidates are found in a reserved seat, it will be treated as normal. However, in some cases reservation can also be changed. The department is now awaiting the list of elected Panchayat representatives to be received from the State Election Commission.

On the other hand, according to State Election Commissioner Chandrashekhar Bhatt, a list of elected representatives from all districts for three-tier panchayats has been sought. It will be sent to the government as soon as it becomes available. After this, the government will announce how many Gram Panchayats will be able to constitute the board and how many will not. He also informed us that elections for vacant posts can be held in December. Its dates will be decided after consultation with the government.

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