Three corona suspected hospitalized in Doon, condition of infected trainee IFS normal

Corona suspects

The condition of the corona-infected IFS trainee admitted to the isolation ward of Doon Medical College Hospital is now normal. Three Corona suspects have been admitted to Doon Hospital today.

At the same time, the condition of the corona-infected IFS trainee admitted in the isolation ward of Doon Medical College Hospital is now normal. Specialist doctors are supervising him. The health of eight suspected patients admitted to the hospital is also normal. The condition of the five suspected students of Corona admitted to the isolation ward at the Coronation Hospital is also normal. Only one corona positive case has been reported in Uttarakhand.

According to the Medical Superintendent in-charge of Doon Hospital, Dr. N.S. Khatri, there are eight suspects admitted to the hospital. Apart from this, patients with cough, cold, fever are constantly coming. General Physicians are watching them.

There is no administration alert regarding coronavirus in Mussoorie. Tourists coming to Mussoorie are not being monitored. Inspection by Naib Tehsildar Puran Singh Tomar at Mussoorie bus stand, taxi stand and main gateway of Mussoorie at Kolukhet. In which it was found that people coming from outside are not being investigated. Naib Tehsildar has instructed all people to keep sanitizer and wear masks.

Report of Italian woman admitted in AIIMS negative

On March 15, a foreign woman in the Laxmanjhula police station area was admitted to Rishikesh AIIMS as a corona suspect. Her test report has come negative. After which the hospital administration has discharged the said woman. On February 29, a 34-year-old woman, a resident of Italy reached Laxmanjhula. Here the woman had booked a room in a cottage.

Garjiya temple closed till 31 March, lockdown in Nainital hotels

Two corona suspects, residents of Khurpatal in Nainital, were examined at B.D. Pandey Hospital. Both have recently returned from Dubai. The investigation found no symptoms of coronavirus. Both have been isolated at home. The Garjiya temple of Ramnagar has also been closed till 31 March. The ancient Gautam Kund temple of Dehradun has also been closed.

In Nainital, tourists will not be given rooms in hotels from Friday. From March 21 to March 31, all hotels will be locked down. Restaurants associated with the hotel association will also remain closed. The Ph.D. entrance examination to be held on April 5 of Kumaon University has been postponed. Now the exam will be held on April 19. Garhwal University has been closed till 25 March.

Missing key of old OPD rooms

At the same time, the keys of the rooms of the old OPD of Doon Hospital were lost. Because of which locks had to be broken. Given the Corona infection here today, when the staff arrived to make the restroom, they did not get the key. It is reported that the key is with the concerned doctor or his staff.

But even after saying many times, if the key is not returned, it was better to break the locks. State Medical College Principal Dr. Ashutosh Sayana says that the key will be deposited or not. This is a serious matter. Action will be taken.

Dehradun police released helpline number

DIG Arun Mohan Joshi has released a helpline number to curb rumors regarding coronavirus. He requested the people to confirm the truth of the rumor by sending a message on 9412080720.

Also, ordinary people can message and get answers to their questions. This WhatsApp number will work 24 hours. He said that the police have a full eye on social media. Strict action will be taken against those who send misleading messages.

Hadhakhan temple and Garjiya temple closed till 31 March, fair postponed

The Hadhakhan Temple of Bhimtal has been completely closed by 31 March. The Navratri Mela, to be held from March 25, has also been postponed due to the closure of the temple. The temple’s administrator Ragavendra Singh Sammal said that the temple has been closed till March 31 under the directions of the government and the district administration.

He said that instructions have been issued to evacuate the temple to 60 foreign tourists from Russia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and other countries staying in the temple. Ragavendra said that the movement of tourists and locals was banned in the temple 10 days ago. Every year hundreds of foreign tourists visit the Hadakhan temple.

A five-day fair to be held at the Agneri temple of Chaukhutia in Almora has been postponed. The fair was to be held from 28 March to 01 April. The Garjiya temple of Ramnagar has also been closed till 31 March. Temple committee chairman Kuber Singh Adhikari has confirmed this.


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