Thousands of books were eaten by termites in a library worth lakhs


The termite has been found in three thousand books of the public library located in the district headquarters. Termites of timber shelves have destroyed all the books because of improper deployment of the officers and employees to supervise the library built on the cost of millions.

The public library was to be opened at Bhalla Inter College, Mayapur, but in the year 2009, the building for the library was constructed at the cost of millions of rupees in the office of Chief Education Officer office in Roshnabad. In 2011 the furniture was arranged for the library.

In 2012, some books were sent to the library from the Directorate of Dehradun. Even after this, books continued to remain as it is without inspection from time to time, but the posts of a librarian etc. were not created for the maintenance of the library. Because of which the staff posted in the Chief Education Officer’s office was given the charge of supervising the library.

Employees are not able to get the library time due to the higher education department. The Karan Library is incomprehensible in the absence of supervision. There are currently 3011 books on various subjects including Environment, Science, Philosophy, Mathematics, Novels, Story, Religious in Library.
The library is 14 kilometers from the city, located in Roshnabad, from Haridwar town. Most of the schools and colleges are also located near the city of Haridwar. Due to being away from the city, not even one reader go to the library and it remains deserted.

“The posts of library chairmen and other employees have not been created for the library according to the standards. Because of which it could not be maintained. Posts must be created to properly operate the library”, said Dr RD Sharma, Chief Education Officer, Haridwar.


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