This time Uttarakhand’s birthday celebrations will last a week, these special programs will make memories


Special things
This time, many programs from November 3 to 9
There will be different themes organized in Doon, Tehri, Srinagar, Almora, Mussoorie

The state government is going to make the 19th foundation day of the state memorable this time. Foundation Day programs will start from November 3. These week-long programs will also be held from the capital Dehradun to Mussoorie, Tehri, Almora, Srinagar.

These programs on different themes will focus on the soldiers, women and youth of Uttarakhand, which will give a clear glimpse of the folk, tradition and culture of the state. Through these programs, the government will also give the message of reverse migration. These programs will be attended by Union Ministers, emigrants from different fields in Uttarakhand and experts from different fields.

The government celebrates State Foundation Day on November 9 every year. But this time the Trivendra government wants to give a message of reverse migration to the migrant Uttarakhandis residing across the country through Foundation Day.

Conducting conferences on different topics
For this, conferences on different subjects are going to be organized. The events will begin on November 3 from ‘Awa Apun Ghor’ (Come home) in Tehri. After this, the state government and Amar Ujala will jointly organize ‘Mera Sainik Mera Abhiman’ program in the capital Dehradun on November 4.

On November 6, the state government and Amar Ujala will jointly organize a women’s conference in Srinagar Garhwal. A ‘Mera Yuva Meri Shan’ conference focusing on youth will be organized in Almora on 7 November. Film celebrities will gather in the tourist town of Mussoorie on 8 November. Film conclave will be organized to encourage film industry in the state. On November 9, the state government will organize the main function of Foundation Day in Dehradun.

These will be the highlights of Foundation Day
Date                           program                                   location
03 November          Awa Aunun Ghor                          Tehri
04 November          My soldier my pride                  Dehradun
06 November          Women’s Conference                 Srinagar
07 November          My youth, my pride                     Almora
08 November          Film Conclave                           Mussoorie
09 November          Main event                                  Dehradun

Uttarakhand’s foundation celebration will be celebrated differently this time. With the three basic mantras of churning, contemplation, and dedication, an attempt to prepare a road map to take Uttarakhand to the height of development will also be done this time under the Foundation Day celebrations. It is our endeavor that people return to save their abandoned homes and farm barns. These programs will prove to be milestones in this direction.
– Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister, Government of Uttarakhand


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