This amazing feature of Whatsapp app is in Facebook Messenger also


Many of you must be using the Facebook Messenger app. You might have felt a lack of this feature at times, that if Facebook messenger also had a quoted reply to a chat system as that in Whatsapp. If you have this complaint then here is good news for you. Like WhatsApp, you can also make a quoted reply to a message in Facebook’s Messenger app.

This feature of Facebook Messenger was first reported by Venture Beat, although this feature was not found in the Android app while this feature can be seen in the iOS app. Hopefully, this feature will also be available in Android in the next update. However, you can check by updating your Facebook Messenger app.

Use Facebook Messenger’s Mark Reply feature in this way
In WhatsApp, if you swipe through a chat by marking it, you can reply to it in particular but in Facebook Messenger, if you want to reply to a chat, you have to keep pressing that text for a while. After this, you will get the option to reply to which you can reply to that message by clicking on it.

After the reply, the original message will appear at the top and the replied message will be displayed below it. This feature of Facebook Messenger also works on the desktop version. For this, you will find three dots on the right hand of any message, and after clicking on that you will get the option to reply. Read more posts…


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