There will be no fighting for seats in Nanda Devi Express, three additional air-conditioned coaches will be installed

Now the number of coaches in the train will be 13, 196 additional passengers will get travel facility

In the Nanda Devi Express train going from Dehradun to Kota, passengers will no longer have to fight for seats. The reason is that the railway administration will install three additional air-conditioned coaches in the Nanda Devi Express from Thursday.

Station Superintendent (Operations) Sitaram Shankar said that on the instructions of Headquarters, two coaches of third class air-conditioned and one second-class air-conditioned coach will be installed in Nanda Devi Express. In such a situation, the number of coaches will increase to 13 with the addition of three additional coaches in the train.

Will operate from 13 February to 13 May
There will be 52 seats in air-conditioned second class coaches and 144 seats in both air-conditioned third-class coaches. In such a situation, 196 additional passengers will now be able to travel in the Nanda Devi Express. Currently, three new coaches will be operated from 13 February to 13 May.

If the coaches go empty they can also be removed. If all coaches are carried by passengers, it will continue to operate. The new coaches which are being fitted in the Nanda Devi Express are of special category and have all the state of the art facilities.

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