The years of hard work of the women of this village paid off as they grew up this big forest

To get rid of the problem of timber, fodder, and water in Karnprayag, the work of women of Pudiyani village, which started 39 years ago, has paid off the hard work.

With the efforts of women, who had planted many trees including oaks, Burans, and kafal in the village, where now it has become a huge forest. From this forest today the drinking water source of the village is being recharged, so women fulfill their needs from here. For the protection of the forest, a committee has been formed and the chairman and forest guard are also kept.

Nearly 210 families reside in Pudiyani village
Pudiyani is a village with about 210 families on the Nauti motorway, 20 km away from the city of Karnprayag. 39 years ago this village had a huge water crisis. The people of the village used to drink water from other villages other than wells. Due to the high altitude area, there was also a huge shortage of fodder leaves for livestock.

To get rid of all these problems, the women of the village formed a group. In the planned manner, 400 plants of oaks, Faniyat, Burans, Kafal, Katkati, and Angyal plants were planted near the village. There was a severe water shortage in the village, so women gave water to irrigate the plants with drinking water.

About 10 million trees of more than 450 species in the wild
Today, the result of this is that this forest spread over 6 sq. km of Pudiyani village has more than 450 species of about 10 lakh trees. The people of the village tell that women have planted plants like their own children. Carrying dung on the back, dug the manure and gave it to the plants.

At present, these trees recharge water sources and provide about 900 people water, fodder, and firewood. Besides, livestock and milk production are also creating employment in the village.

Collect money per family
District Panchayat member Gayatri Devi of Pudiyani village, former area panchayat member Divya Darshan Negi, DD Singh, Balbir Singh, etc. says that when the women laid the foundations of setting up a forest, Shakhanbari Devi was elected as president and Puran Singh Negi was the Forest Guard. In the committee Budhani Devi, Hema Devi, Gayatri Devi also collaborated.

At first, the committee was there, now the responsibility of protecting the trees is with Mamand, the chairman is Leela Devi. Village head Madan Singh is also engaged in the guarding of trees. Initially, for the maintenance of the forest, every family donated two rupees. At present, the people of the village collect five-five rupees and pay the person who has been kept for the protection of the forest as a salary. Monitoring of trees is also done from time to time.

Insects in plants
Weed and unknown insects of species of Basilas are causing heavy damage to the plants of oaks. The villagers said that many times the forest department officials were informed about this, but no solution could be found.

In Pudiyani village there is a forest of oaks. The forest prepared by women is a good initiative. All the arrangements will be made to save the trees from the fire. The department also takes the help of the villagers in fire extinguishing.
– Ranger Pradeep Gaur, forest division, Karnprayag. read more posts…

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