The wild elephant who killed three people in Uttarakhand is now a ‘pet’


The wild elephant who killed three people is no longer wild. It has been improved by training. Four Mahawats of Assam have made the elephant a pet after training for five months. Now, this elephant will be engaged in patrolling under wildlife protection. For the past one and a half years, there had a dread of a 16-year-old Spoiled Tusker elephant in BHEL. Elephant killed three people in Bhel only. On November 14, Tusker was beaten to death by a Bhel employee. After that, there was stirring up from Dehradun to Haridwar.

After the hardships, the joint team of Rajaji Tiger Reserve and Haridwar forest division tranquilized the elephant and took it to Mithawali camp of Tiger Reserve. The doctors here examined the health of the elephant. Team of experts teamed up to detect the nature of elephants. The crawl was made in January to train elephants here. To give training, four Mahawats called from Assam were successful in making it into a pet after training that lasted about five months. Now the elephant has been taken from the Mithawali camp to Cheela range.

Generally, wildlife is killed after being dreaded, but the forest department did not do this. Many organizations, in spite of accusing the department, also pressurized them to leave, but it was not done in the wake of the possibility of entering the newly inhabited area. After all, the forest department’s plan to train the elephant was a successful one.

Took the help of ‘Radha’ and ‘Rangeeli’
The Forest Department also took the help of two female elephants ‘Radha’ and ‘Rangeeli’ to keep the Tusker at Mithawali camp. Due to the killing of three people, Tusker was called as the killer elephant. The Joint Team of Rajaji Tiger Reserve and Forest Division caught the Tusker by running Operation ‘Abhimanyu’, but after the acceptance of the crawl for training, Tuskar’s name was kept ‘king’.

The elephant has brought it to Cheela range on Wednesday. Now it has become completely domesticated and is fully prepared for use in patrol work.
– Anil Panuli, Ranger Chela

Elephants trained by mahawats for nearly five months. This has happened for the first time.
– Pramod Dhyani, Ranger


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