The villagers carried the transformer on the shoulder in the snow, the department is helpless

The villagers of Subhai Bhavishyabadri climbed six km of snow and took the transformers themselves
The contractor had left the transformer 200 meters before the road

Local villagers have shown a mirror to the department which failed to restore power supply in Subhai Bhavishyabadri village of Joshimath block in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. The supply of electricity was disrupted due to the burning of a transformer in the village.

If the department could not restore the power supply even after nine days, the villagers came forward and took the huge transformer to the village by a 6km icy path on their shoulders. With the arrival of the transformer, the electricity in the village ran smoothly.

The people of Subhai Bhavishyabadri village of Joshimath block showed the system a mirror. Villagers Saurabh Singh, Kunwar Farqia, Gabbar Singh, Raghuveer Singh said that the transformer of the village was burnt nine days ago.

It was reported to Energy Corporation. On the demand of the local people, the department sent the transformer to the village, but due to the icy road and steep climb, the contractor left the transformer 200 meters away from the road, while the village was about six km from here.

Even after waiting for a few days, when the Energy Corporation could not arrange to bring the transformer to the village, the villagers themselves decided to take the transformer to the village. Around 35 people gathered in the village and tied the transformer to the poles and reached the village in a single day.

They did not give up even though the six km route was covered in snow. After the transformer reached the village, the corporation streamlined the power supply in the village. Visher Rawat, Sanjay Rawat, Vinod Kunwar, Kunwar Negi, Pancham Singh, Pawan Rana, Ganesh Negi, Pradeep Rawat, Birendra Farswan and Anil Farswan were present during this time.

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