The victim accusing former BJP minister lost her phone while telling her story

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After the magistrate’s statement and after the medical examination of the victim, there has been a buzz in the metro episode. The police called the witness for the statement, in whose presence the mobile phone of the victim was stolen. Two of them have recorded their statements.
For the first time in October last year, the victim has given Tahrir to the police station. The victim wrote that obscene things done by Uttarakhand’s former BJP minister Sanjay Kumar had been recorded in the phone.
In a meeting of the BJP workers, when the victim told the people to present there to about what happened to her, her mobile was stolen. Although the victim claims that she has such audio clips right now, the charges will be confirmed.
In order to know the truth of this incident, the judiciary has started recording the statements of those people who were present in that meeting. In this case, soon the statements of the police will also be recorded.


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