The transformation visit started, said that the public should change their taste


The Congress’s transformation journey in protest against the failure of the ruling BJP government in the center and the state was inaugurated by Shri Mahasu Devta Mandir Hanol, a Sansad of Jausar-Bawar. Several senior Congress leaders including the leader of the opposition, Indira Hridayesh and PCC president Pritam Singh joined the rally.
During this time, the Congress leader lashed out at the BJP government. Congressmen said that due to the formation of the BJP government, the situation in the country has worsened. There is an insecurity environment in the public with rising inflation and unemployment. Therefore, change in country interest is necessary.
With the slogan ‘change Modi Government’, Congress leaders started the journey of change from Shri Mahasu Devta Mandir Hanol. Opposition leader Indira Hridayesh and PCC President Pritam Singh flagged off the transit journey. With the convoy of dozens of vehicles from Hanol, the crowd of hundreds of people gathered in the transit journey of the new market tyuni, Gutiya Khalal.
While addressing the public meeting at Tuni, Leader of Opposition, Indira Hridayesh and Congress State President Pritam Singh opened up against the Center and the BJP government of the state. They said that the ruling BJP government at the center had made many big promises to the people of the country during the elections. After five years of time, nothing happened. So the people of the country are feeling cheated themselves.
They said that the Modi government had promised to provide employment to two crore youth, but due to anti-people policies, the number of unemployed in the country has already increased manifold. The BJP government of the Center and the state, in the past, put a brake on several public welfare schemes run by the Congress government.
They said that the BJP government stopped the quota of sugar for the public and cut the ration quota available to the poor at concessional rates. The working days in the MNREGA scheme during the Congress were 45 days, which the BJP government reduced to 16 days. The price of LPG cylinder increased from one and a half hundred rupees to one thousand rupees. Petrol-diesel and food prices are skyrocketing.
The leader of the Opposition and the Congress state president said that the BJP government has a scam in the purchase of Rafael aircraft. There is an insecurity environment in the public due to law and order in the country and the state. Farmers are forced to commit suicide due to wrong policies of the government. They said that through the transformation visit, the public will be told about the BJP’s central and state government’s failures and anti-people policies. Congress leaders emphasized the need to change the interest of the public.


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