The teenager, who went to the ‘Tantric’ to take medicine for her brother suffering from depression, was called inside the house and mistreated

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‘Tantric’ misbehaved with the teenager who went to take medicine for brother in Premanagar area of ​​Dehradun. On behalf of the victim’s side, Tahrir has been given in the Premnagar police station against the accused ‘Tantric’. According to police sources, this teenager from Muzaffarnagar had come to his relative’s home in Dehradun on Tuesday.

Teenager’s brother is said to be a victim of depression. Even after treatment, his condition has not improved. On the request of the resident of Doon, the teenager came to take medicine for the brother.

Taking her inside of the house and raping the teenager
In the afternoon, the teenager was taken to a tantric’s house, to give her medicine in her relative’s place, Premanagar. The relative came back after saying that the necessary work is to be done.

There is an allegation that the so-called Tantric took the teenager inside the house on the pretext of giving medication and misbehaved with her. After leaving the accused’s place, the victim informed the relative about the whole incident. A Tahrir has been given in the Premnagar police station at night from the victim side against the so-called tantric. SO Narendra Gehlawat said that Tahrir has come in this matter, which is being taken action. The victim is telling the accused as the tantric.

Minor molester sentenced 10 years of jail, 90 thousand fines
In Rudrapur, in the case of the abduction of a minor, Pocso Judge Vijayalakshmi Vihan’s court sentenced the accused to 10 years rigorous imprisonment and 90 thousand fines. On the case of an accusation of the accused, the court also sentenced him to three years imprisonment along with five fines.

Assistant District Administrative Advocate Vikas Gupta said that in a report lodged by a person in Bajpur police station area, it was said that his niece (16) lives with him since childhood. She disappeared on the evening of 6 September 2015. After a lot of research, it was learned that his niece was taken away by Vinod Pal, a resident of village Bhattpuri, Bajpur police station. Vinod’s father, Surajpal and mother Radha also supported him in this.

The minor was pregnant and after some time she gave birth to a daughter
On November 24, 2016, the police recovered the minor with Vinod. At that time a minor was pregnant and after some time she gave birth to a daughter. In the inquiry, the minor said that Vinod took her with him and threatened her with intimidation. When she got pregnant for the first time, Vinod had an abortion. At the second time, she gave birth to a daughter. On 10 December 2016, the police filed a charge sheet against Vinod and his father Surajpal and mother Radha in the court of Pocso Judge Vijayalakshmi Vihan.

On behalf of the prosecution, Government Advocate Vikas Gupta and Vatan Joshi presented their statements by presenting six witnesses. Meanwhile, Vinod demanded that the minor-born daughter should not be his daughter, and demanded the DNA test from the court. The DNA test done on the court’s order confirmed that the child is his. On the basis of the evidence presented by the government advocates and on the basis of DNA investigation report, on Tuesday, Pocso Judge Vijayalakshmi Vihan’s court sentenced Vinod to 10 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 90 thousand rupees. In addition, on the order of the court, the accused Vinod’s father, Surajpal and mother Radha, will also be sentenced for three years of jail with a penalty of five thousand rupees.


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