The strike of trade unions continues

The strike of the trade union in the protest against the anti-labor policies of the central government continued on the second day

The public suffered a lot due to strike in the bank, insurance, and income tax, the postal worker. The works remained stagnant in other departments as well. On the second day of the strike, the trade unions took out a rally from Gandhi Park and held a protest against the Center’s anti-worker policies.
All India Trade Union had announced a two-day strike against the various anti-labor policies of the central government, including changes in labor laws, making minimum wages to 18 thousand rupees. Organizations of trade unions of Uttarakhand, Seat, Atak, Inkt, Bank Analysis Union, Asha Worker, Anganwadi activists, tea plantation labor union, LIC etc. participated in the strike. During the strike, the bank was completely closed on the second day due to which people had to face a lot of trouble.
Trade unions gathered at Gandhi Park and organized a meeting. Addressing the gathering, the leaders said that the two-day strike of trade unions was completely successful and that the central government is constantly bent on exploiting workers. Continuous anti-labor policies are being issued. Preparations are being made to hand over strategic importance to other institutions, including institutions of defense.
In addition, Dehradun bankers also participated in the two-day nationwide strike. The banks would reopen on Thursday.

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