The son of former CM of Uttarakhand joining the Congress is under fast speculation, a journalist by profession and IT expert

The speculation about the former Chief Minister and Garhwal MP BC Khanduri’s son going to the Congress party has been under great speculation. However, nothing has yet been revealed in public. Former Chief Minister and Garhwal MP BC Khanduri’s son Manish Khanduri is said to be in the Congress party.

Journalist and IT expert Manish is the head of the News Partnership of Facebook India. He also joined journalism for Business Standard, Business World and letter-journals, and also joined the digital version of CNN.

A degree of MBA from Kailag
Engineer Khanduri received an MBA from Kailag, with the degree of engineering from Delhi Engineering College. He also worked with Turner Brother for 10 years. Socially Manish Jay Durga is working in the field of education and health as head of Social Welfare Institute.

MLA Yemkeshwar and sister Ritu Khanduri told that I got information about Manish joining Congress. You better talk to him. In terms of political experience, Manish worked for his father and in my election.

No party worker is joining the Congress
However, State BJP president Ajay Bhatt said that no party worker is joining the Congress. On the question of General Khanduri’s son joining the Congress, Bhatt said that he is not a member of the party and that no such member of the party is going to Congress, not even the one who is also a member of five rupees.

Bhatt said that this is bad propaganda of Congress. Claimed that not only the BJP but many of the Congress leaders are queuing up to come to our party. These include many big names, but the party does not have any rush, on the basis of merit, such leaders will be included in the BJP. Union minister and BJP’s state election in-charge Thawar Chand Gehlot also refused the joining of any BJP leader in the Congress. He said that no party worker is going to Congress. Read more posts…

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