The schoolgirls were beaten badly by the teacher in school, this action will be against her now

While taking action against the teacher who beat the girls in the Government Primary School of Gularbhoj of Udham Singh Nagar, the Deputy Education Officer has removed the teacher with immediate effect. In addition, two new teachers have been deployed to teach the children in the school.

On Tuesday, the children and parents of the State Primary School, located in canal colony number two, presented the school teacher Arvind Kumar complaining of delayed entry in school and returning early. The angry teacher punished the two girls who complained. Zakir, the father of the girls, had given medical treatment to the girls on Thursday and had given Tahrir against the teacher in the Chowki, although on Thursday evening, the agreement between the two sides was also done.

Were ordered to investigate the case
Taking the beating of the girls seriously, DEO Basic Padmendra Saklani ordered the sub-educational officer Ravi Mehta to investigate the matter. On Friday, the Deputy Education Officer reached the school where the victims were not present. On this, he filed a statement taking the matter with the teacher and other children.

After this, the Deputy Education Officer issued the order to remove the teacher Arvind Kumar with immediate effect and sent him to his native school. In addition, two teachers have been arranged in the school. They say that taking a stick in school is prohibited. In such a case, the rigorous beating of girls by teachers comes in the category of crime. He said that he would also go to school and take statements of the victim girls. Depending on which departmental action will also be taken against the teacher.

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