The purpose of the sadhu is to protect the religion, also investigate the sources of income of the saints: Swami Shivanand Saraswati


Swami Shivanand Saraswati, the supreme leader of the Matra Sadan in Haridwar, said that the purpose of the saint is to protect the religion, but here illegal multi-storeyed buildings have been built on the domain property. He demanded to examine the private property of saints and to investigate the sources of income.

Swami Shivanand Saraswati was speaking to the journalists on Monday in the Matra Sadan. He said that the saints of Haridwar are demanding land for Kumbh from the government but the land which was earlier near the domain. They have been illegally constructed. Multi-storeyed buildings have been built and sold. If they are still given land, they will also occupy it. He said that the fight of religion is fought with righteousness, not by unrighteousness.

Institutions need money, not the saints. He said that the private property of the saints of the arena should be examined in Haridwar. If there is property or money in the name of a saint then the source of income should be examined. Taxes should also be levied if they fall within the scope of income tax. Because every citizen of the country is the same. Like the Saint Prayagraj, the Haridwar Kumbh is demanding to make a lot of grandeur, but the grandeur is not on a spiritual basis with a glare. There is nothing to do with the grandeur.

He said that this is the first time that the water of Ganga was kept clean from chlorine during Kumbh. By which fish also died. This happened in Prayagraj and the NGT also gave evidence of this. He said that Saint Gopal Das was aware of this. He has given an interview to senior journalist Punya Prasun Bajpayee. In which he has summoned the oppression done by the governance administration. Although he did not say where Gopaldas is at this time. Swamy Shivanand Saraswati said that many times the NMCG had ordered the District Magistrate to stop mining and stone crushers, but even after repeatedly saying they did not comply with the orders.

On 19th April in the Matra Sadan, a letter was written to the Prime Minister. His copy was also sent to NMCG. On April 26, NMCG issued another order asking the District Magistrate to stop the mining and stone crushers strictly following orders till May 1. NMCG has also said that if the stone crushers and mining are not barred till May 1, then strict action will be taken against the District Officer. Simultaneously, Brahmachari Swamybodhanand’s fast continued for 187 days. Read more posts…


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