The purchase of crores unrecorded in Doon Hospital, investigation after the code of conduct

Since a medical college has been made, there has not been any tender for shopping at Doon Hospital. For the past three years, millions of medicines and surgical instruments were purchased without tender. Surprisingly, there are about 20 companies listed for supply to Doon Hospital, but only six of them are those who were given the opportunity to supply medicines and other equipment. Now is there any way to directly benefit these companies or is there anything else? At present, the answer to this question is not with the hospital management. The principal says that after the code of conduct is over, the matter will be investigated.

In fact, it is necessary to buy a tender for purchasing of more than five lakh rupees in any government department. But in Doon Hospital, two lakhs, sometimes 2.5 lakhs and sometimes 4.90 lakhs have been purchased in different parts of the hospital. Information was sought for tenders for up to three years. In response to this information, the Doon Medical College has said that no tender has been bought during this period. In response, it has also been found that only three companies had work to supply different medicines to different departments during this period. These three companies remained as such that they gave quotations for various medicines. These are repeatedly given the opportunity to supply medicines. More or less the same scenario has emerged in the purchase of surgical instruments. There are also three companies in it, who have distributed their equipment according to their own resources to the hospital.

The tender for the first time in three years was released in February
For the first time in these three years, a tender was issued for the purchase of various equipment on last February. These include the purchase of CT Scan Machine, MRI Machine Roll and Radiologist Material for the hospital. Apart from this, a tender was released in February only in the supply of computers. However, so far its financial bid is not open. Only after the code of conduct is the decision to be taken on supply, etc.

I had charged only last year. I will try to find out what happened behind after the code of conduct. After this, it can be said that at what level the deficiency occurred.
– Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal of Doon Medical College

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