The problems of PUBG Mobile grew once again, now in this Indian city it will be banned

This way the Chinese app is having a bad effect on people in India. Recently, Google and Apple have just blocked the video-sharing app TikTok from their app store. After this Rajkot Police has now demanded to ban the download of PUBG Mobile so that the game can be banned in Rajkot. For this, Rajkot police have also written a letter to Google which says that the download of PUBG Mobile from the Google Play Store has been banned.

Know what Rajkot police said
The answer to what Rajkot police has sent has not yet been answered by Google. On this, Rajkot police say that we have banned the PUBG game and if possible, banned from uploading the PUBG in Rajkot through the area’s IP address. If anyone is seen playing this game in Rajkot then he would be arrested.

Reason for banning PUBG games in Rajkot
Actually, Rajkot police say that people playing PUBG games are having a bad effect. Not only this, even small children have gone crazy for this game. They have become so habitual to this game that even the parents of the children have become very upset with them.

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