The police of six states behind this fraud, read how ten millions of rupees were forfeited from the youths

Javed Qureshi of Dhampur, who cheated in the name of sending the youth to foreign countries, was a big fraud. The police of the six states of the country have been following him for months. In the preliminary investigation, it has been found that Javed in Gurugram runs a fake travel agency and cheats the youth to send across the country. He specializes in providing bogus air tickets to passport to visa to the youth.

On Saturday, on the complaint of Anil Kumar, a resident of Sarthi Vihar Haridwar road, Dehradun, had registered a case against the accused for looting Rs 24 lakh in the name of sending them abroad to the Nehru Colony police station. Thug is alleged to be a travel agency operator of Mumbai, Javed Qureshi.

Hundreds of youth of many states made his prey
Qureshi originally belongs to Dhampur of Bijnor. After the case was registered, Superintendent of Police, Shweta Chaubey, formed a team and sent it in search of Javed. It has been found in the investigation that Javed’s travel agency is not in Mumbai but in Gurugram, Haryana.

Here he has made an office, but for some time he is absconding. It has also come to the notice of the police that Javed has hunted not only 28 people of Uttarakhand but hundreds of youth of many states of the country. Currently, he has run away with millions of rupees.

Police of six states behind him
It has been revealed in the investigation that Javed claims to send people to the Gulf by taking a huge amount. In his trap, the youth of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh have also come. The police of these states have gathered all the evidence about it.

According to official sources, Dehradun police have received important clues through Uttar Pradesh and Chennai Police. Currently, two teams are behind him. One of them is also dabbling in his native Nagar Dhampur. Officials claim that Javed will be arrested soon.

We have got important clues. Soon Javed can be arrested. Apart from him, we have the police of at least six states. He has opened his office in Gurugram. Whereas, he used to tell himself of Mumbai. He will be arrested soon.

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