The Police are surprised to see the security of the main branch of State Bank of India


the police were surprised to see the security of the main branch of the State Bank of India. When asked to ring the alarm, the guard kept moving the key for a long time, but couldn’t ring the alarm.
The police has issued a notice to the bank about such a mistake in the security arrangement. Apart from this, more than 250 banks and more than 300 ATMs were checked in the urban areas on Monday. Among them, seven ATMs were sealed at the absence of guard. However, a notice has been issued to 127 banks.

265 bank branches and 319 ATM checks

Banks are not serious about the security arrangement even after the cloning of debit cards and bank fraud cases are revealed.

On Monday, the police, led by the Superintendent of Police Shweta Choubey, came to check the security arrangements of the banks and ATMs and was surprised to see the extent of negligence. Most bank branches did not reach to the test of safety. 265 bank branches and 319 ATMs were checked in all the city areas including the Mussoorie throughout the day.

CCTV cameras were not running
In most of the cases, there were no guards and no CCTV cameras were running. Some of the guards were found walking around outside, whereas some of them were found settling own work. Bank branches have more or less the same situation.

Superintendent of Police Shweta Choubey says that the notices were issued to the banks which did not have adequate security facilities. Whereas, four in Patel Nagar, two in Kotwali and two from Clementtown Police station area were sealed due to lack of an ATM guard.
The guard was called to ring an alarm
During this, there was a strange sight in SBI’s main branch. SP Shweta Chaubey told that during checking, the guard was called to ring an alarm. This alarm is to be rung at any emergency. The guard came and started to rotate the alarm switch (key). For a long time when the alarm was not heard, the people of the bank management also came there. They immediately told to fix it, but they have been issued notice in this regard.

At the main branch of the State Bank of India located at Cross Road, crores of rupees are kept in cash. Cash is sent to 12 bank branches of the city. Nevertheless, careless about bank management security was witnessed. The alarm system here was not working. Read more posts…


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