The poisonous liquor scandal took the lives of 41 people, but their lives are cursed

Usually, all the body parts and organs are equally important. However, looking with eyes gives relief to a dying person not just physically but also mentally as it can see the world with it.

To this incredible ability of the human body and nature, the raw liquor distributed by the merchants of the death took away in a few hours. This story is associated with two villagers of Bidukhadak and Ballupur, who lost their everything because of the poisonous liquor. Both of them are crying for their beloved brothers, saying that it would be better if liquor traders would have killed.

The raw and poisonous liquor has so far stripped the life of 41 people, while two are the villagers who are living a life of darkness. The lives of these two villagers have survived in this terrible accident, but the poisonous liquor has left them blind by snatching their eyesight. Suresh, Son of Jayakumar (45), a resident of Bindukhadak area of Jhabrera police station area, has lost his eyesight.

Suresh said that he had drunk on February 8, when he was feeling well after rising in the morning, but after some time his head felt dizzy and he felt the pain, the families rushed to a hospital in Saharanpur. After this, slowly his eyesight disappeared. Suresh is now completely helpless, who is the only earning a living for his family. Brother Sethpal told that the doctors said that due to the vein blocks, the hope of returning of eyesight is zero percent.

Still, they are treating at the Ganga Mata Charitable Hospital at Haridwar for comfort. Similar is the condition of Mangeram, son of Nanu (38) resident of Ballupur. Mangeram said that after the rites he was drinking liquor with a relative. After the relative’s health deteriorated, he was also admitted to Saharanpur. Two days later, his eyesight began to disappear. First, eyes started to turn yellow and then vision stopped.

Suresh’s eyesight is gone, but tears do not stop. Brother Sethpal told that when they give him food, he does not eat. He does not know where the plate is and where the bread is placed in it. When he listens to his children’s voices, he keeps crying to see them. Children are unable to handle themselves after seeing their father’s misery. Seeing the sadness of this family, the mind of the villagers is also very heavy. Seeing his condition, the village itself says that God should not do this with anyone. read more posts..

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