The painful death to the pregnant for just Rs 600, the truth is very shameful

On the street in Gafoor Basti, on Tuesday morning, a pregnant woman was stabbed with a knife by her brother-in-law. The police caught the murderer from the railway line.
Here, the crowd reached the house of the accused Faizan and beat his father. The cause of the murder is dispute about a transaction of 600 rupees 15 days ago.
On the night of dead, mother of the deceased, Noorjahan, filed a lawsuit against the accused Faizan and his father Shahid under section 302.

Three month pregnant woman
Barkha, daughter of Abdul Wahid, a resident of Ghafoor Basti, was married three years ago, from the Mahipalpur Rampuri hillside of Delhi, the bike mechanic Monu. She was three months pregnant.

His two-year-old daughter is Tayyaba. Barkha came to the mother’s house on 20th January. On Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. she was standing in front of the shop near the house. Meanwhile, his brother-in-law, Faizan reached there and stabbed her with a knife. Barkha shed a lot of blood and became unconscious. The family members took her to the hospital, where the doctors declared her dead.

Three policemen suspended
City SP Amit Shrivastava said that the case has been examined in the case of murder. Based on the statement of the victim’s family, three policemen have been suspended.

The investigation of this case has been entrusted to CO Dinesh Chandra Dhondiyal. Action will also be taken against them when other names come in the investigation of the CO. Negligence of anybody will not be tolerated. Read more posts…

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