The meteorological department issued a warning, the election results to be announced on 23rd May between storm and rain

On May 23, the results of the Lok Sabha elections can be announced between the storm and the rain. Due to the western disturbances and moisture formed in the standing of Bengal, once again there can be relief from the heat.

Vikram Singh, director of the State Meteorological Center, said that due to western disturbances on 22nd and 23rd, there could be storms and light rain in the mountainous areas.

On Sunday, there was a hot sunny day in Haldwani. With the rise of the day, the heat increased. Despite the holiday, the streets were empty in the afternoon. The maximum temperature was 37 and the minimum temperature was 18.8 degrees Celsius. On Monday, the state also has bright sunlight since morning. By which the heat has increased in the weather.

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