The journey between Delhi and Dehradun will be completed in two and a half hours

journey between Delhi and Dehradun

Center-permission to Delhi-Saharanpur-Dehradun Economic Corridor
NHAI chairman informed the Chief Minister about the project

The proposed Economic Corridor between Dehradun to Delhi has received the approval of the Central Government. After its construction, the journey between Delhi and Dehradun will be completed in two and a half hours.

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) chairman SS Sandhu met Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Monday regarding the construction of the 206-km highway. The chairman of NHAI apprised the Chief Minister that with the construction of the four-lane highway, the distance between Delhi and Dehradun would be reduced and the jam would also get rid of.

This expressway will connect Saharanpur Baghpat to Delhi. The most difficult part of the highway is between Ganeshpur to Dehradun. This area consists of eco-sensitive zones and a large part of Rajaji National Park. Here the challenge is to build a highway without cutting trees. For this, highways will be constructed through elevated roads and tunnels over the river.

Sandhu said that the construction work of the national highway will start soon. With the construction of the highway, the distance between Delhi and Dehradun can be completed in just two and a half hours. Part of the highway passes through the forest and wildlife areas of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. For this, the clearance of forest has to be provided to the states.

NHAI has targeted to complete the highway construction by the year 2023. The NHAI chairman also held a meeting with Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh, Public Works, Forest and other departments after meeting the Chief Minister.

Highway divided into three sections

1. Akshardham to EPE Junction (Section 1: 31 km) – 18 km elevated and 13 km widened, costing Rs 3300 crore.
2. EPA Junction to Saharanpur bypass (section 2: 118 km) – will develop as a greenfield, costing five thousand crores.
3. Ganeshpur to Dehradun (section 3: 19 km) – This section will be constructed by elevated, tunneling and widening, costing 16 hundred crores.

Note – Saharanpur bypass to Ganeshpur (37 km) – Four-lane work is going on.

Section three will be the most difficult
– The portion formed between Ganeshpur to Dehradun is considered to be the most difficult. In this part comes the eco-sensitive zone of Rajaji National Park. NHAI has divided the 21 km road into three phases.
– UP Shivalik Elephant Reserve is part of Ganeshpur to Mohand (6 km). There is a two-lane road, which will be converted into four-lane.
– the first 1.8 km long tunnel from Mohand to Dat Kali followed by elevated road over 6.8 km long river.
– Four hundred meter long tunnel on Dat Kali and four-lane road widening to ISBT ahead of it.

Congratulations to the people of the state for getting in-principle approval from the central government for an elevated expressway between Dehradun-Delhi. The construction of national highways will boost the tourism of the state and will prove to be a milestone in economic development. The state government will provide all possible assistance of NHAI in highway construction.
Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister


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