The health center services in Uttarakhand are bad, No road till today

Health Center Services are Bad

It is not new to say how bad health services are in Uttarakhand. The government may claim a lot about it, but the reality will remain that people also know. The latest case is from the remote area of Chakrata tehsil, ​​Dehradun, where a 23-year-old girl’s health was a concern when she fell ill after giving birth to a baby, her health problems started getting worse suddenly.

In fact, Reena Chauhan had a delivery some days ago and after that her health deteriorated. The family had trouble in how to get her to the hospital. On Tuesday, due to the disturbed condition of the pregnant girl, the family members took her to the hospital in a hurry. Due to not having any road in the area, the family had to tie in bamboo sticks and carried her up to 14 kilometers to the Lakhandi road ahead.

The family arrived at the CHC development center, about 72 km away, but here too, the doctors referred Reena to the Higher Center which resulted in more bleeding. The family said that the woman is admitted to Shrimahant Indiresh Hospital of Dehradun, 131 kilometers from her home, where her treatment is underway and her condition remains serious.

Now the question arises whether Vikasnagar, Chakrata Community Health Center has just become a referral center. In the Chakrata tehsil, this Buraila village is situated at a distance of 14 km, where there is no road even today, whereas long road has been sanctioned in PMGSY. About 24 families live in the village.


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