The government will now conduct sample tests in private pathology labs, rates will be decided

corona sample examined

Private labs will be selected from tender within four days
Rates will be fixed for private labs on the lines of UP, the government will pay

In view of the increasing cases of corona infection in Uttarakhand, the state government will now get the corona sample examined in a private pathology lab. The government has fixed a time limit of four days for issuing tenders. In Uttar Pradesh and other states, at the rate at which tests are being conducted, sample tests will be conducted from private labs in the state at the same rate. The government will pay for it.

With increased sampling in the state, the pressure of investigation in government labs has increased. Corona samples are being tested in four government labs and one private lab after the approval of the Indian Council of Medical Research in the state.

So far, 25,380 samples have been examined in the entire state. In this, 19,077 reports have come negative. While 4758 samples are in waiting. In order to speed up the sampling in the state, the government has decided to get samples tested from private labs on the lines of Uttar Pradesh and other states.

Principals of medical colleges are also given rights

To deal with the COVID epidemic, the government has extended the time limit for the purchase of medical equipment to the Director of Medical Education, Director General of Health, District Magistrates for three months till 28 February 2021 or until the epidemic ends.

At the same time, principals of government medical colleges have also been given the right to purchase up to three crores of medical equipment. Advance payments to state PSUs have been increased from 40 percent to 50 percent. The powers given to the District Magistrates for the appointment of outsourced employees in the Health Department have also been extended till 28 February 2021.


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