The government will give a special gift to teachers who work best

The government will honor four teachers ‘Teacher of the Month’ who has done outstanding work. It will be evaluated at the district, division, and state level. Teachers will be selected on the basis of academic and other supportive activities.

The State Project Director, Composite Education Campaign and Director General, Jyoti Yadav said that every month four teachers will be given outstanding teacher’s honour. The selected teachers will be given one lakh rupees each. Out of this, Rs.15, 000 / – cash or smartphone, tablet and e-book of the same amount will be provided for the selected teacher. (Teacher of the Month)

Jyoti Yadav has issued modified orders of its selection process. He said that at the district level, more than 50 points will be evaluated and five-five points at the divisional and state level. Teachers will be given 30-point at the district level on the accrual level of the students in the monthly exam and 20 points on the basis of work experience, teacher diary, talent day, innovative experiment etc. After this, the committee formed in the chairmanship of the Board Additional Director at the Mandal level and the maximum five-five points at the state level will be evaluated. The teachers will be evaluated in a total of 60 marks.

At each level, a teacher will be selected
One teacher each will be selected for the prize for primary (class one to five), higher primary (six to eight), secondary (class nine and ten) and the selection of one teacher at the level of secondary (class 11 and 12) will be done.

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