The government should implement a pre-reservation arrangement in government jobs


Uttarakhand SC, ST Implies Federation has demanded from the government that the pre-arrangement of reservations in promotions in government jobs should be immediately restored. Unless any decision is taken in this regard, no DPC should be made in connection with a promotion in any government department in the state.

The meeting of Federation office bearers was held on Sunday, under the chairmanship of the provincial president Karmram. In the meeting, demands for the implementation of the full system of reservation in the promotion of government jobs were raised. Speakers said that there was huge anger in the SC / ST employees when no decision was taken by the government. If no decision is taken by the government in this regard, then the workers will be bound to the movement. The meeting was attended by state president of the federation Ramlal, the provincial treasurer Madan Lal, Chandrashekhar, Shivlal Gautam, Suneet Singh, Khushwant Sharma, Gambhir Singh Tomar, Swatantra Singh, Rajendra Singh, Akhilesh Kumar, Umesh Dharia, Kishore Kumar, Anil Kumar, and Rajendra Kumar.


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