The government raised hands to quarantine migrants on the border area

quarantining migrants

The government said it is difficult to arrange food for thousands of people at the border
The government will file an answer on the situation of the state in the High Court: Kaushik

In order to prevent corona infection in Uttarakhand, the government has raised its hand over the system of quarantining migrants from the Red Zone of the outlying states to the border areas. The government will file a reply in the High Court regarding the situation of the state and the guidelines being issued by the Central Government from time to time.

Cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik said that the cabinet was chanted for about one and a half hours on the corona infected cases in the state, migrants from outside states, and on the orders given by the court. About six thousand people are coming back to the state every day from outside states.

In such a situation, to keep 60 thousand people in quarantine within 10 days, arrangements will have to be made to stay and eat. It is a challenge for the government to keep so many people in the quarantine on the state border.

88 percent infected hoarders and migrants in the state

The High Court had ordered the government to quarantine people coming from the Red Zone of the outlying states on the border and medical examination should be done. He said that the government will present its position before the High Court on the situation of the state and the guidelines being issued by the central government.

The cabinet minister said that the cases of Corona infected cases growing in the state were reviewed. In the last one week, there have been cases of infection in Chamoli, Tehri, and Bageshwar districts. He said that so far five percent of the people who had come from abroad were found to be infected.

While six percent in hospitals, 32 percent returned from Markaz, 56 percent of cases of migrants from outside states are infected. While the travel history of an infected has not been traced. Including Markaz and migrants, the state has 88 percent infected cases.


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