The fragrance of herbs will be in the courtyard

Now the herb will be used to improve both the decoration of the house and the health of the family. The herb research institute has created an ornamental garden using a unique experiment, which is like Phulwari, Terrace Garden of the house, etc.

Officials at the herb research institute say that there is a general perception that herb plants are colorful and not attractive. They grow only in forests. Because of this belief, people do not plant herbs in a home garden / phulwari. At the same time, they are only exploited from the forests. As a result, many species of herbs have reached the verge of extinction.

An ornamental herbal garden has been prepared to change this perception and to take the herbs from door to door. Such herbs have been selected in this garden, which has colorful flowers throughout the year and does not have to work very hard in care. In this way, herbs will help in decorating the home and help in the health of the family. The institute has created an ornamental herbal garden at Gopeshwar in Chamoli as an experiment. At the same time, they are also preparing it in Dhanaulti. It will also be prepared in Pithoragarh. Through these gardens, the public is being motivated to make herbs in their homes.

Flowering herbs and beneficial in disease

Herbs – Disease
Rosemary – Hypertension
Akinesia – Infectious disease
Tilapushpi – heart disease
Basil – Cough, Fever
Aichilia – Pest Prevention
Chamomile – Weight Loss
Lavender – Aroma and Brain Disease
Salabiya – wound healing, cold cough

These are the advantages of a garden-

Herb awareness will increase in public
Herbs will be protected and cultured
Regular intake of herbs will benefit from diseases
Will also help in biodiversity conservation

Dr. Chandrasekhar Sanwal (Director Herb Research Institute, Dehradun) says that the objective of the Rann Mantle Herbal Garden Concept is to connect the public to the herb. Also, it is to be said that the herb is attractive in appearance so that it can be planted at home.

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