The fare of Volvo AC and ordinary buses became expensive


New fare rates applied by Transport Corporation, an order issued
Delhi-based Volvo fares increase
Rs 50 increase in ordinary buses going to Lucknow, Kanpur

The fare of Volvo AC and ordinary buses going to Delhi, Gurugram, Haldwani, Kanpur, Lucknow has been increased by Uttarakhand Transport Corporation. Orders in this regard have also been issued by the Transport Corporation Managing Director. With the issue of the order, new rates of rent have been introduced.

Transport Corporation General Manager Deepak Jain said that after the new fare rates are implemented, now passengers going to Delhi will have to pay Rs 756 instead of 731 for traveling on the Volvo bus. Whereas AC buses will have to pay a fare of Rs 599 per passenger instead of 525.

The fare of ordinary buses has also been increased
According to the General Manager, the fare of ordinary buses has also been increased along with Volvo and AC buses. Ordinary buses going to Delhi will now charge 20 extra fares per passenger than before. Where previously Rs 305 was charged from the passengers, now Rs 325 will be collected from the passengers. Not only this, passengers going from Dehradun to Kanpur, Lucknow, Gurugram, Haldwani will also have to pay an extra fare.

General Manager Deepak Jain said that the new rates of fares have been implemented from late Saturday and on Sunday, passengers who traveled on the buses of the Transport Corporation were charged the new rates.

The fare hike will be applicable to those 500 buses of the Transport Corporation which are operated from outside UP outside Uttarakhand. With the introduction of new fare rates, the intro has been fed into the ticket machines and the operators have also started taking the fare as per the new fare rates.

Increased Rent
Category of buses,  location –                           fare of buses first –       now
Delhi Volvo –                                                                    Rs 731              Rs 756
AC going to Delhi-                                                          Rs 525              Rs 599
Ordinary going to Delhi –                                              Rs 305             Rs 325
General to Gurugram –                                                  Rs 335               Rs 355
Simple bus going to Lucknow –                                    Rs 625              Rs 675
Simple bus going to Kanpur –                                       Rs 620              Rs 735
AC going to Haldwani –                                                  Rs 693              Rs 735
Simple bus going to Haldwani –                                   Rs 365              Rs 375
Ramnagar-Delhi –                                                            Rs 295                    315
Deghat-Delhi –                                                                        510                   545
Bangidhar-Delhi –                                                                  520                   555
Jourasi-Delhi –                                                                        545                   580
Badro-Delhi –                                                                           500                  535
Manila-Delhi –                                                                         460                  495
Bandarkot-Delhi –                                                                   455                  490
Ramnagar-Bareilly –                                                               190                  195
Ramnagar-Chandigarh –                                                        455                 480
Ramnagar-Dehradun –                                                           295                  305
Deghat-Dehradun –                                                                 520                 530
Ramnagar-Gurugram –                                                           330                 350
Kotabag-Dehradun –                                                                325                 340
Ramnagar-Kotdwar –                                                               180                 190


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