The family accepted the accused murderer of the wife by forgetting his past, but the beast has not spared the girl either

After several years in the case of the murder of the wife, the accused who came out of the jail on bail became a victim of lust for an eight-year-old girl who called him an uncle. The accused came to the house of the victim’s family to repair broken doors. After the incident, the accused was on the move to escape to Allahabad, but before that the police arrested him.

A family, resident of Kotwali area had called the familiar carpenter, who lived in the neighborhood on Monday afternoon, to repair a broken door. He was a frequent visitor to the victim’s home. He often came to their home to rest. The victim child used to call him as an uncle.

When the girl came down, clothes were cluttered
The family also forgot his dark past and considered him a family member. After fixing the door on Monday, the accused went to the third floor of the house by talking about resting. He took away the eight-year-old girl by cheat, took her with him and raped her there.

When the child came down, they were skeptical of seeing her clothes cluttered. Asked the girl, she told the act of the accused. Meanwhile, the accused escaped from there. The victim’s family reached the police station and filed a complaint.

After this, the police rushed to the spot with the help of the family and arrested the accused. The Chawki-in-charge Dinesh Singh said that the accused was in the preparation to run away to his village located in Allahabad. The accused will be presented in the court on Monday.

The accused of raping a child is also accused of murdering his wife. Originally, Allahabad-based accused had been staying in the Kotwali area for a long time. He was married in 2015. His wife often had a quarrel with him. It is alleged that he had burnt his wife alive. After the case was registered, he remained in jail for two years. About seven months ago, he came out on bail.

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