The families of the sons posted on the border are tensed after air strikes in POK

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After Air Strike in POK, the concerns of those families have also increased whose sons and relatives are posted on the borders. While some mothers were calling their sons, some wives were asking about their husbands and the situation there. Calling once was not satisfying them so they called many times to get information about the condition of the border.

Transport Nagar resident Shakti Devi lives alone here. His 22-year-old son Sushant is posted in Pulwama. She spoke to son on Monday evening. On Tuesday, as soon as she heard of the air strikes on the terrorists, the mother wanted to call the son, but he could not attend the call. She became worried about this. She said that she talks to her son every evening. It is the son only who calls her. Now it will be possible to know about the situation in the evening.

On the issue of attack on terrorists, she says that if Pakistan does not understand this, then it will never improve. It would be good to take a lesson from this and take control of their actions. Similarly, Garhi Kant’s resident, Sumanlata’s husband is posted in Uri.

Sumanlata says that her husband was to come on leave the next month, but now it is said that the holidays will not be given. They talk to each other every evening. She talked to him on Monday night too. He did not say anything about this. Then it was revealed that the action took place at 3:30 in the morning.


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