The disinterest of youth from Facebook, 1.5 million accounts closed in two years


The world’s largest social media site Facebookapp is now getting disillusioned with people. The latest evidence of this is the report which states that 15 million people in the last two years ie 1.5 crore people have said goodbye to Facebook. However, this figure is only of the US. In other words, 1.5 million users have left Facebook since the year 2017.

This information was given by American Market Research Company Edition Research in its new report. It has been said in the report that 12-34-year-old users in the US are turning their backs on Facebookapp, while the most interesting thing is that most users of Facebookapp are between these ages.

In his report, Edition said that in the last two years, Facebook has been circulated many times about privacy. In addition to the Cambridge analytics data scandal, there has been a case of sharing personal information of users with several third-party apps. Since then, users are running away from Facebookapp. In the report, it has been said that on the one hand where the number of young people on Facebook is declining, on the other hand, the number of elderly users is increasing.

There is an interesting fact from the report that people who are declining from Facebook and not going anywhere else but to the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, Instagram. The number of active users of Instagram is 400 million, which is 40 million and the total number of users is 1 billion. Read more posts… 


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