The decision on university examination in Uttarakhand will be decided after July 31

Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat

Minister of State for Higher Education (Independent Charge) Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat held talks with the students union officials of the state through Facebook Live. During the virtual dialogue, Dr. Rawat said that all the state universities and colleges in the state have been connected with e-library facilities. Students will not feel the lack of books with the e-library facility. They will be able to get any book easily on one click.

Answering the queries of the students union officials, he said that higher education is being equipped with basic facilities. Students will get all facilities in the college. A 14 point agenda has been set for all government degree colleges. E-library in every college, at least two smart classes, four e-boards, availability of computers according to student number, laboratory and necessary equipment, pure drinking water, furniture according to student numbers, six toilets, sports grounds, an arrangement of ramps, Electrical system, beautification of the college including boundary walls.

On the shortage of teachers in colleges, Dr. Rawat said that out of 877 Assistant Professors vacant posts, 446 Assistant Professors from 23 subjects have been selected, while the selection process for 296 posts is in motion in the State Public Service Commission. Principals have been posted in all colleges.

A plea has been sent to the Subordinate Selection Service Commission to fill the vacant posts of non-teaching staff. Students’ union officials mainly asked questions related to basic facilities like conducting examinations, online classes, the appointment of teachers, enhancing networking facilities, and construction of new buildings in colleges.


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