The Congress MLA attacked, said ‘Revenge for speaking against Modi taken from my brother’

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Congress MLA from Mangalore in Roorkee, Qazi Nizamuddin, attacked the BJP government about the arrest of his brother. He said that he is playing the responsibility of the Congress party in Rajasthan and was speaking against Modi.

Revenge of which has been taken from his brother. BJP is doing the same with Robert Vadra in Delhi. Through which BJP wants to give a message that whatever will be spoken against Prime Minister Modi will be treated similarly.

So the students studying were transferred to other colleges
He said that if I or my family had to scam, we would have done it in the name of scholarship while being in the Congress government till 2017. At that time there was no need to close the college. The quality staff was not coming to the college, so he transferred the officially studied students to other colleges.

My colleagues have been implicated, they belong to a family whose ownership is thousands of crores. They were also framed for accusing me of a Rs 2 crore. He said that the revenge for speaking against Modi has been taken from my brother which is not fair. But this is the way of the BJP.

He said that in the past Tehsildar, ASDM, Social Welfare Department officials have also investigated. If there was a scam, then they should have first acted against me and my family. They demanded that if they are guilty then action should also be taken against those officers who have previously examined in this case.

Three MLAs, including Congress MLA’s brother in scholarship scam
SIT has arrested the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of Techwars Gramodyog Vikas Sangathan Institute, Mangalore for grabbing 2.5 million scholarships. Among them, accused Qazi Nuruddin is the brother of Congress MLA Mangaluddin Qazi Nizamuddin. The other accused Sanjay Bansal is also the Chairman of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutes, Dehradun. In the scholarship scam, SIT has taken action against the third private institution of Haridwar in 21 days.

TC Manjunath (Incharge, SIT scholarship scam) said that the committee chairman Pradip Agarwal, treasurer Qazi Nuruddin resident of Kila Mangalore and Secretary Sanjay Bansal resident EC Road Dehradun have been detained. The SIT investigation revealed that scholarship of about two crores 54 lakh 10 thousand 440 rupees have been collected by showing the enrollment of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe students from 2012-13 to 2014-15 by Tech Wards Gramodyog Vikas Sangathan Group of Institution, Mangalore. When the physical verification of the college was done by the SIT, there was a ruin in place of the college. The accused had applied from Uttarakhand Technical University in 2011 to conduct MBA, BBA, BCA, BSc and IT courses, but they did not get recognition. On Tuesday, the SIT called the suspected accused in the office of Roshnabad. On not giving a satisfactory answer to the questions related to the scam, the SIT has notified the three officers to the Sidkul police station. In the scandal, the role of the then District Social Welfare Officer and Assistant District Social Welfare Officer is being examined.

Congress MLA, Vice President of the organization
The name of Congress MLA Qazi Nizamuddin is also being included in the officials of Managing Committee of the Tech Wards Gramodyog Vikas Sangathan Institute, Mangalore. He is being told to be the Vice President of the organization.

SIT has arrested three officials. Among them is the brother of Mangalore legislator Qazi Nizamuddin and treasurer Qazi Nuruddin, besides Sanjay Bansal, Chairman of Devbai Group of Institutes, he is also Secretary in Tech Wards Gramodyog Vikas Sangathan Institute.
-Ashok Kumar, Director General of Police Law system

Our father opened a college in partnership with Nuruddin in the year 2009. After the opening, there was a problem between the partners. So, we got separated from this college in 2010. We are not a partner in this college. We have nothing to do with any kind of scholarship scam. REad more posts…
-Aman Bansal, son of accused Sanjay Bansal


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