The CBI team reaches Uttarakhand High Court’s Advocate’s house

A team of CBI Delhi reached Kotdwar on Wednesday to collect documents of the Muzaffarnagar scandal before the formation of Uttarakhand state on October 2, 1994. The CBI team reached Uttarakhand High Court Advocate Raman Shah’s residence at Kumbhichord and searched the relevant documents and collected the necessary information.

Advocate Raman Shah had filed a petition in the Uttarakhand High Court against the Muzaffarnagar Scandal in March last year, in which the CBI and the state government have to file a reply in court.

Uttarakhand state agitator Mahendra Singh Rawat said that during the Separate Uttarakhand State movement the agitators were traveling to Delhi on October 1, 1994. Late night, in Muzaffarnagar, the police had lathicharged the agitators and vandalized the agitating women.

In this case, advocate Raman Shah filed a petition in the High Court in March 2018. The court has ordered the Uttarakhand government and the CBI to keep their side. In the same order, a team headed by CBI Inspector Motilal arrived at the residence of advocate Raman Shah at Kumbhichord on Wednesday morning.

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