The body of the bank cashier found in a tremendous condition, a lady came to meet before the incident

The body of Chief Cashier Tejpal, who was working in the branch of Prathma Bank in Srinagar, Moradabad, was found in laxity in the hotel room of Kashipur in Uttarakhand. The indigenous pistol is also recovered from the spot. It is being told that a woman came to meet him before the incident.

The police took possession of the body and took record of it. The team of FSL has been called for testing of pistol recovered from the spot. Police are trying to gather information about the woman who reached him to meet before Tejpal’s death. ASP Dr Chandra told that Tejpal’s death was due to a shot in the chest. FSL team has been called to take fingerprints from the pistol on the spot.

Tejpal Singh (28) resident of village Kanakpur of Moradabad police station Thakurdwara was the head cashier at Virpur Singh Prathma Bank Sharifnagar branch. He was appointed four years ago. On Monday morning, at 11 o’clock, Tejpal had booked room number 101 of Hotel Paradise at Moradabad Road.

In the late evening a young woman had reached there to meet him, who later disappeared. Hotel Manager Satwinder told that the sound of the fire was heard in Tejpal’s room late in the evening. An employee of the hotel went there and noticed that Tejpal’s dead body was lying on the bed and he had a pistol nearby.

Murder or suicide, Police are investigating on every aspect
Tejpal, who was found dead in the hotel, died in a pathetic condition, did he committed suicide, the police is investigating every aspect of it. ASP Dr Jagdish Chandra and Kunda police station in-charge Mohan Chandra Pandey reached the spot with information about the hotel manager and gathered information about the incident. The police also checked the CCTV footage of the hotel. In the footage, a young woman is seen entering the cashier’s room and coming out of there.

There is a fear that the cashier’s death strings are linked to the young woman. Whether it is murder or suicide, the police is investigating all aspects. The police are also involved in gathering information about the girl. ASP Dr Chandra said that the team of FSL has been called to take fingerprints from the pistol recovered on the spot. ASP told that the relatives of the deceased have been informed.

The room will be searched only on their arrival. The father of the deceased is a farmer by profession. Recently, his wife was elected to the position of teacher. Tejpal had a son of one and a half months. At the time of the incident, the death of the bank cashier is being questioned on the presence of the girl in Tejpal’s room.

Wife’s health had deteriorated was told for leave from bank
Before he came to Kashipur, the cashier had taken leave from the bank saying that the wife is having poor health. Yasin Khan, the branch manager of Prathma Bank in Sharifnagar, told that Tejpal had reached the bank branch at around 9.30 in the morning. Speaking of the health of his wife, he went to the guard on the gate and gave a leave application. The guard brought him a leave prayer letter. The branch manager told that Tejpal was very kind of humorous nature.

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