The barely fractured majority government, only 10 MLAs were present in the House

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In the Assembly on Wednesday, due to the low number of BJP MLAs in the House, the huge majority were frustrated by the government. This situation arose when Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prakash Pant was presenting the Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1959 (Amendment) Bill, 2013 on the table.

When he kept the bill in the House, the opposition challenged him by saying that the number of members of the ruling party in the House is less. Although the Speaker’s Benches, the Assembly Speaker Raghunath Singh Chauhan, who is conducting the proceedings of the House, allowed the bill to be set up. But the opposition continued to raise the demand to count the members repeatedly.

According to the incident, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pant demanded permission to keep the bill from the House at around 12.30 pm. At that time, there were only ten MLAs out of 57 BJP MLAs in the House. This number was 11 by joining the deputy speaker on the back of the speaker.

Nine legislators of Congress were present in the opposition
While nine legislators of Congress were present in the opposition. President’s bench asked the legislator to keep the bill on the floor as per the number of ‘yes’ in favor of the bill, Congress legislator Harish Dhami raised the question that the number of members who say ‘no’ in the House is more. The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs said that if the number of MLAs of the ruling party is high, then Dhami raised the demand to count the members. In his favor, MLA Karan Mahrao stood up too.

Responding to the reply of the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, only nine legislators of the Opposition are present in the House. On this, the Congress Legislative Party’s Deputy leader Karan Mehra continued to demand the counting of Independent MLA Pritam Panwar and Ram Singh Kaida as counting in his favor. After a brief debate, the Deputy Speaker allowed the legislation to be set up in the House while advancing the proceedings. When the matter of raising the question of partition was reached outside the House, the BJP legislator Munna Singh Chauhan and Rajesh Shukla reached the house in a hurry.

The government has a constitutional obligation to resign on the victory of the Opposition in the vote-division only on the Finance Bill. On the victory in General Bill, the opposition can try to take a political advantage simply by telling the government a minority.
– Mahesh Chandra, former chief secretary, Uttarakhand assembly

Members are issuing a whip. At that time the zero period was over. At such times, the members get out for drinking water. If there is a situation of partition, then a bell rings when the members come to the House listening to it. Anyway, our number in the House was more than the number of opposition. We had 10 members and this was 11 with an Associate Member. The opposition had nine members and an independent candidate Pritam Singh Panwar.
– Prakash Pant, Parliamentary Affairs Minister


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