The administration will send Rakhi’s name, who saved her brother from ‘Guldar’, for a gallantry award


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An 11-year-old girl who saves younger brother from Guldar’s mouth is admitted in Delhi
Tourism Minister Maharaj gave an amount of one lakh from his salary for the treatment of the injured girl

The Pauri district administration will send the name of an 11-year-old brave girl, Rakhi, from Devkundai village in Birkhal block to save the younger brother from Guldar’s mouth for a gallantry award. Due to the efforts of Regional MLA and Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj, the injured Rakhi has been admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi for better treatment. The tourism minister has also given a sum of one lakh from her salary to her family members for the treatment of the girl child.

On October 4, Rakhi, a resident of Devkundai, showed indomitable courage and saved her innocent brother from Guldar’s mouth. While returning from the farm with his mother, Guldar (leopard) pounced on his four-year-old brother, and Rakhi became his brother’s shield. Guldar continued to attack her back, but she did not leave her brother even after bleeding badly.

Rakhi was referred to the Higher Center from Kotdwar Hospital on Sunday. Rakhi, who was injured, has been admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital Delhi late on Monday evening, due to the efforts of Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj.

Special Officer of Tourism Minister in Delhi Abhishek Sharma said that Tourism Minister Maharaj has given an amount of one lakh rupees to her family for the treatment of Rakhi. Maharaj has also assured to bear the other expenses incurred in the treatment of the girl.

On the other hand, the District Magistrate DS Garbyal told that in view of the indomitable courage of the girl, her name will be sent for the Bravery Award. The administration will provide all possible help for the treatment of the girl. The Tourism Minister also spoke to the District Magistrate on the matter over the phone.

The chief minister spoke on the phone to Rakhi’s family
On Tuesday, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat spoke to the relatives of the injured girl Rakhi on the phone while rescuing her brother in the Guldar attack and inquired about her health. The Chief Minister assured the family that all help from the state government would be extended to the family.

Rakhi, who was seriously injured in the Guldar attack, was admitted to a hospital in Delhi for treatment. Rakhi is now out of danger and has been discharged from the hospital. The Chief Minister wished Rakhi full health benefits and said that the girl saved her younger brother by showing indomitable courage. We are proud of our daughter’s bravery.

The Chief Minister has directed the Additional Local Commissioner of Uttarakhand in Delhi to provide necessary treatment and other facilities while keeping in touch with the relatives of the girl, Rakhi. On Friday, 11-year-old Rakhi was coming home with her 4-year-old brother in Birkhal development block of Pauri district, when a Guldar attacked her. Rakhi confronts Guldar with fear and protects her brother. The brother did not suffer many injuries in this attack, but Rakhi was badly injured.


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