Tender of Kedarnath helicopter service was to be inaugurated today, but due to this the High Court imposed a ban

Today the tender of Kedarnath helicopter service was to open, but the Uttarakhand High Court has banned it.

On June 9, 2016, there was a lifelong ban on making helipads on Kedarghati. In this regard, the Uttarakhand government issued a GO. He was also sent to the GO Central Government. Due to the rules of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, due to the narrowing of Kedarghati, only six helicopters can fly at a time. (Three to come and three to go) for which 14 helipads have been built in the valley.

Civil Aviation Specialist and Social Worker Rajiv Dar said that even after the lifelong ban on the helipad in the valley, four more helipads were being made illegally. Whose information he sought in RTI from District Magistrate Rudraprayag Mangesh Ghildiyal. In response to the RTI, the District Magistrate Rudraprayag had said that all the four helipads would be destroyed.

Rajiv Dar said that tender was sought for making helipad in the valley in the month of February. In the tender, there was a mention of 14 helipads in the first valley, which later went up to 18. In this regard, he had filed a petition in the High Court. Taking cognizance, the court has now ordered to file a reply in this regard by stopping the tendering process. Rajiv Dar says that despite the ban, how suddenly a 14 to 18 helipad was created in the valley. Read more posts…

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