Ten feet of snow in Hemkund, devotees will be able to undergo tunnels of snow for three meters


This time, during the pilgrimage of Hemkund Sahib, pilgrims will have to undergo a tunnel of snow for three meters. Hemkund Sahib has snowed up to ten feet. It is not easy to remove the entire ice from the path of faith till the opening of the gate on June 1, so pilgrims will have to undergo tunnel of snow for about three meters to reach the gurus.

Hemkund Sahib’s pilgrimage begins from June 1. The preparations for the journey in the gurdwaras traveling on the route are being carried out in full swing. Hemkund Sahib is still covered in snow for three kilometers. Here the work of the Army is being done to remove the snow. In Hemkund Sahib, due to snowfall of up to ten feet, army jawans and servicemen are also forced to sweat in the cold winter.

Snow removal work is also going on in the Hemkund Sahib campus, but it is difficult to completely remove the snow in the Hemkund area due to the bad weather, at the start of the journey. Looking at this, now to reach the Hemkund gurus, the snow is being removed by cutting the ice for about three meters, by which the pilgrims will reach the destination in the gurudwara. Hemkund Sarovar is still completely submerged in the snow.

Sardar Seva Singh, senior manager of Govindghat Gurudwara said that due to heavy snowfall in Hemkund this year, there is a problem in facilitating the travel arrangements. An ice tunnel of about three meters is being made to reach Hemkund Gurus. He said that the weather in the Hemkund area is still getting worse, so the army personnel has to face difficulties in removing the snow.


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