Swine Flu: Two more patients died in Dehradun, confirmed in 21 new patients


Two patients died in the capital in the last two days from the swine flu. Both patients died in the Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. Chief Health Officer Dr. SK Gupta said that a 65-year-old woman from Chamoli and a 56-year-old male patient from Dehradun died during treatment. At the same time, 21 new patients have confirmed swine flu. So far, 29 patients have died from swine flu in the capital. The number of total swine flu sufferers reached 257.

Question on the authenticity of Swine Flu Lab of Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital
The team of the Union Health Ministry has questioned the authenticity of Swine Flu Lab of Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. According to the team, the lab was neither renewed nor the NCDC sent the samples for random checking. At the same time, hospital management denied the allegations.

The team, which reached Delhi to take stock of the rescue and treatment of swine flu in the state, has reported in its report that any lab in the state has not been able to check the swine flu patients according to the standards. The team said that during the investigation, information has been reported about 70% of patients suffering from other serious illnesses at the Mahant Indiresh Hospital, whose only cause of death could not be swine flu. The team told that the hospital lab is not working as per the Central Government standards. Regular renewal of Lab has not been done from NCDC. The lab was required to send the NCDC to Delhi for five percent sample cross-checking, which were not sent. The results of those samples that were sent in the last two years were different.

The team also accused the hospital of not using infections control practice as standard. At the same time, ICU management has also provided information regarding the non-OPD system for defects and suspected influenza patients. The team has instructed to send the samples of Swine Flu patients admitted to the hospital, also to be sent to NCDC Delhi for investigation. Dr. Pranay Verma, Public Health Specialist Dr. Amit Suri, chest and respiratory disorder and Microbiologist Dr. Roshika Saxena were also involved in the team.

Clean chit to the government system
The central team has given a clean chit to the government health department. The team has informed the government hospitals to provide adequate measures for treatment and to provide medicines and other resources

No complaint about Lab’s credentials
There is no complaint to the NCDC regarding the authenticity of the only molecular lab in Uttarakhand located at Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. Swine Flu Lab does not require renewal every year. Our lab is meeting all the standards and criteria. NCDC has denied any complaint related to the quality of the lab. Five to 10 percent of samples for cross verification from the hospital are routinely sent to NCDC, whose report is 100 percent correct. The patients who died of swine flu were sent to the Sample Health Department.
– Bhupendra Raturi, Senior Public Relation Officer, Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital


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