Supremecourt clean chit for 5000 guest teacher recruitment in Uttarakhand

Education Minister said Supreme Court lifts ban on recruitment of guest teachers

The way for the posting of five thousand guest teachers on the vacant posts of teachers in the state has been cleared. According to Education Minister Arvind Pandey, the Supreme Court has lifted the ban from guest teacher recruitment. They will be posted till permanent teachers are found. With this decision, the problem of long-standing teacher shortage in the department will be overcome.

More than five thousand posts of assistant teachers and spokespersons are vacant in the education department. The department has been sending the proposal of the selection of teachers to the Recruitment Commission from time to time so that teachers can be posted on vacant posts.

The selection has been delayed even after sending proposals to the Subordinate Services Selection Commission and Public Service Commission by the department for the selection of permanent teachers. This is the reason why the government decided to deploy guest teachers until permanent teachers are deployed in schools.

After this decision of the government, the selection process of guest teachers in schools was started in December 2018. Spokesmen for more than four thousand posts and assistant teachers for more than eight hundred posts were to be posted as guest teachers.

In the Tehri, Haridwar and Champawat districts of the state, deployment letters were also given to some candidates. While the process was going on in other districts of the state. In the meantime, some candidates had moved the Supreme Court against the termination of services.

Due to the ban from the Supreme Court, the deployment process of guest teachers across the state was stopped. State General Secretary of Uttarakhand Guest Teacher Organization Daulat Jagudi said that the guest teacher had been demanding deployment in schools for a long time.

The appointment of guest teachers has been cleared after the Supreme Court’s decision. Unless permanent teachers are found, guest teachers will be deployed in schools. This will solve the problem of long-standing teacher shortage in schools across the state.
-Arvind Pandey, Education Minister

Nearly four thousand spokespersons and eight hundred guest teachers have been selected in the state in the past, but due to the Supreme Court ban, they could not be posted in schools. As soon as the court gets the order, the guest teachers will be posted according to the order.
-RK Kunwar, Director of Education

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