Sunita Rawat of Dehradun will get Florence Nightingale Award

National Florence Nightingale Award

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President Kovind will give the award in the first week of December

Sister Incharge and Senior Nurse Sunita Rawat Goel, working in the Government Gandhi Centenary Science Center Hospital, has been selected for the National Florence Nightingale Award for her outstanding contribution to public health services. In the first week of December, President Ramnath Kovind will present the award to him.

Applications for this prestigious award are first trimmed at the hospital level, then the Chief Medical Officer, then at the Directorate General of Health and then at the government level. She is then selected for the award at the national level. Dr. BC Ramola, Chief Medical Superintendent of Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital said that Sunita Rawat has been doing good work in the ophthalmology department and gynecology department of Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital.

Earlier she was posted in Doon Hospital. For five years he served in the private sector. It has been 20 years in government health services. She has served in various hospitals in the state. She has so far assisted in the operation of 60 thousand eye patients. She has contributed significantly to the establishment of the ophthalmology department and women’s wing at Gandhi Hospital.

Under her supervision, two thousand infants have been born and about five thousand patients have undergone eye operations. Dr. Ramola and other hospital staff have congratulated Sunita for this achievement. Sunita’s maternal uncle is in Ranikhet (Almora). While the in-law is in Vijay Park Extension, Doon Enclave, Dehradun.

35 personnel at national level get this award
This award is received every year at the national level for 35 workers who have made significant contributions to public health services. These include 12 NM, 20 nurses, and three health workers. The award is given on 12 May. The ceremony could not be held due to the implementation of the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections in May.

Now the award will be given in Rashtrapati Bhavan in December. Sunita will be awarded a citation and a medal of Rs 50,000. Sunita said that she has received the message that the award can be given on any day at a function held from December 3 to 7 at Rashtrapati Bhavan. So she has to stay there during this period.


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