Sunday became fun day after the warmest day of the season

Dehradun Weather

Today in the Capital Dehradun Sunday became Fun Day. It has been cloudy from the morning. It did not rain but there was much relief from the heat. Due to the change of weather, the temperature dropped by 6.8 degrees. There is a possibility of rain in Doon for the next three days.

Relief for the residents of Doon on Sunday after the continuous heat for many days. The warmest day of the season was recorded on Saturday, in which the temperature reached 41 degrees. Clouded from Sunday morning. Due to this, the temperature decreased.

Sunday’s maximum temperature reached 34.8 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature dropped by 6.8 degrees. People got relief from the heat on the day of the holiday. This led to ease in settling work related to outside in the day.

Meteorological director Bikram Singh said that rain is expected for next three days in the capital. He told that it will remain cloudy on Monday. There may also come a storm in some places. Due to the rains, the temperature in the capital could go up to two degrees and below Monday.

Darkness on Rajpur road
Different weather in different parts of the city. In the meanwhile, it was cloudy across the city but the weather on Rajpur road was pleasant during the day. There was so much cloud gathered that darkness covered the place. Although it did not rain.


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