Summer has just arrived, the forest started to blaze in Uttarakhand, barely had control on fire

The summer has not begun properly that Uttarakhand forests started flowing. The fires of forests were barely overrun in Uttarakhand, Naogaon, and Haridwar in Baggawala. The freshly brewed case of fire in the forest has come to light in the Mugransati range of the block in Naogaon of Uttarkashi. Where a fire broke in the woods for unknown reasons on Sunday afternoon. Although the forest department team arrived on time, the fire was already controlled before it became uncontrollable. Forest officer Kanhaiya Bahlwal said that there was a fire in the forests of the Khusia Beat area of the Mugarasanti range.

Once the information was received, the team of personnel arrived at the spot with the local villagers. Where the fire spreads and the forest property is damaged, it has already been extinguished. The cause of the fire was not known. He said that due to the good snowfall and the burning control campaign run by the forest department this year, the danger is still low. They urged the forest department to immediately monitor the occurrence of fire from all the villagers and keep an eye on the disturbing elements.

Forest fire damage to forests
The forest near Basi village in Baggawala, Haridwar, has caused damage to the trees in the forest due to a fire. On the information, the forest department has reached the spot and has managed to control the fire, but by then most of the part of the forest was burnt.

Sunday afternoon, there was a sudden fire near the basi village of social forestry forest. Due to the degradation of grass in the forest, the fire started spreading rapidly. After some time, the fire took a rough look. Looking at the flames, the villagers passing through the neighborhood informed the forest department. On information, the team of the forest department reached the spot and tried to control the fire.

After a long delay, the fire was over, but by then much of the forest was burnt. Dushyant Saini, the Shahmansoor Beat Chowki Incharge of Forest Department, has informed that the Forest Department team has reached the spot and has managed to control the fire. There is a loss of forest in almost two bighas. However, there is not much damage to trees. Read more posts…

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