Suicide for Rupees 300 debt


The 21-year-old man of the town committed suicide by hanging himself in a room of his house. It is alleged that four youths had attacked him on the transaction of three hundred rupees shortly before the incident. The family members are considering the dispute as for the reason behind the suicide.
The police have sent the dead body to the post-mortem. Sunny (21), son of Brahmapal, works at a shop of readymade garments in ward no. 11, East of Lakshar, Keshavnagar.
There is a family of Kahra village in the ne_ighborhood of Sunny. In the past, the youth of Kahra’s family brought cloth from Sunny’s shop. He had borrowed 300 rupees from the shopkeeper on the guarantee of Sunny. Sunny went to his house asking for money many times, but the young man was not found.
On Wednesday morning the man stood on the old railway gate with his friends. When Sunny asked for money, the youth and his friends began to beat him. To escape from them, Sunny ran away and went home. It is alleged that the four youths reached home behind him and threatened to kill him while fighting him. After his departure, Sunny entered a room in his house and locked it from inside.
The family did not pay attention for a while. Later they called him, but Sunny did not open the door. They broke the door and saw Sunny’s body swinging through the rooftop trunk. The police, who reached after being informed, sent the dead body to the post-mortem. The father of the deceased accused the beating and threatening by the youth as the reason for suicide. Chowk in charge Manoj Sirola said that action will be taken if Tahrir is given.

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