Subsidy to prepare a nursery, the government formulated a new plan


The government has prepared a new scheme for those who do reverse migration

The government has prepared a new scheme to provide self-employment to the migrants who have returned from outside states due to the lockdown. Under this, one lakh subsidy will be given to reverse migrant land laborers for setting up a nursery and Rs 50,000 for setting up an agricultural demonstration unit.

Agriculture Minister Subodh Uniyal said that the state government has created new employment opportunities in agriculture, horticulture and allied sectors to deal with the COVID-19 global disaster. A large number of migrants from outside states have reverse migrated due to the lockdown.

Innovative initiatives are being taken in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, herbs for their self-employment. 50 thousand per unit for setting up of agricultural demonstration units under the Herb’s Agricultural Development Scheme and Rs. 1 lakh per unit for nursery development locally under the Nursery Development Scheme to Bhoomidhar workers doing reverse migration through the Pharmaceutical Development Board. Grants will be given. Orders have been issued to the Pharmaceutical Coordinator of all the districts to get proposals from the returned Bhumidhar workers in Uttarakhand.


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